Oswald Mandus has joined your team.

I have finally played Machine for Pigs and thus, I have returned to this glorious website to spread fear, confusion and discomfort. My friend and I were both really tired when we played this game, so we probably missed a lot of things and I’ll have to replay the whole thing at least once to fully understand the story. 

However, I wanted to draw some comics about Oswald moving in with Philip and Daniel in their house in Hell (which, some of you might remember, I drew before the new game came out). As I said, I was tired when I played, so all I remember about Oswald are his dramatic letters, him apparently spying on his wife while taking baths and him making a lot of connections to sexual things whenever he’s talking about something. 

These comics probably make no sense, I just wanted to draw Frictional Games-stuff again.






friendly reminder that one time i was watching one of my friends play amnesia: the dark descent and i got too scared so i turned off the music and started playing backstreet boys instead and the song “everybody” came on and at the line “backstreet’s back ALL RIGHT” the monster buSTED THROUGH THE DOOR AND I SCREAMED LIKE A 2-YEAR-OLD



free him


I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Now my life is complete. 

"will scare you so bad you wont feel your nipples for years."
  90 Hours on Amnesia: The Dark Descent (via zerachielamora)


vasyenka replied to your post “I bought dark descent and machine for pigs at the steam sale and I’m…”
do it do it do it do it do it DO IT

hhhhhhh I’ve gotta install them but I’LL DO IT

Shini how bad is this going to mess with me

The Dark Descent may be kinda rough, BUT YOU CAN DO IT I BELIEVE IN YOU! Little tip though: always close doors behind yourself~ ;y

Justine, well… WELL. Yeah that one is seriously gonna fuck you up rofl I’m not even gonna try to sugar coat that one~

A Machine for Pigs holds your hand the whole way through. It’s a cake walk compared to TDD and Justine - Amnesia on easy mode rofl the far lesser of the three evils~

The best way to play is all by yourself in the dark with headphones on huehuehue :3c


I’m a pretty princess~ 


I’m a pretty princess~ 



Amnesia picnic at Fanime 2014! We’re a big pile of nerds.